Pay Per Click

Customized Marketing
We take the time to understand your business’ goals & objectives. Allows us to craft a marketing plan specifically tailored and targeted to your business to give you the best ROI possible. Our expertise and industry tools give us insight into the competitive space and allows us to provide detailed recommendations on a plan that fits within your budget.

Detail Oriented
We methodically create campaigns that take into account advanced Google Ads settings including targeting geographically, ad scheduling, budgeting, by device type and ad extensions that make your ad different and stand out from competitors. Our experience spanning many different verticals allows us to launch better-optimized campaigns from the beginning.

Continuous Optimization
Optimizing the campaign daily is necessary to ensure that keyword performance is in line with goals, ads are constantly being created and tested for better CTR (click-through rate) and conversion rate, only relevant search queries are trigger ads as well as other things to keep the campaign running smoothly. With the granular focus on continuous optimization, we provide more return on your investment.

Did You Know?

86%of users ranked “search” as very important in their buying process.
93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
$19.51 Billion is what advertisers spent on search engine marketing in 2012.

100 Billion global searches are conducted each month, 20% of which are new every day.