Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile Website Development is Exploding — In Fact studies show that more people explore the internet on mobile devices than they do traditional desktop PCs.

So the question is, Do you have a Mobile Strategy Ready? Having a website that is mobile responsive connects you with more clients, personnel and consumers in a way that is convenient and personal. Even Google recognizes the importance of having a mobile responsive website. Mobile-friendliness is now a key ranking factor for the search engine.

Your business in the palm of your customer’s hand

Do not get left behind. Your business website needs to be mobile responsive if you want to stay competitive in the new online marketplace. Let us help you create a business website optimized and fully functional on smartphones and other handheld devices.

MediaSmack will create a site that will automatically adapt your website into a mobile-ready format that will allow customers to use their touch screens to navigate your site with ease. This site will have faster loading and better functionality, which will improve your search engine rankings and make you user experience better. With features like push–connect dialing, and push address to maps your customers have the ability to call or locate your business with a single tap.