Need more Personal injury Cases or DUI Cases??

The holiday season is coming up and many attorneys will see a spike in cases due to some basic elements…….

Drunk Driving (Thanksgiving through New Year’s)

  • The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is marked by many social occasions that often involve alcohol, including dinners, holiday parties and the like.
  • Clients need to know their limits-and their state’s DUI laws. Can clients legally refuse a breathalyzer test? Do teens and drivers holding commercial licenses face stiffer penalties if they are found guilty of drunk driving?
  • A drunk-driving conviction can have consequences in many parts of a person’s life, including on the job, the cost and availability of automobile insurance and more.

Personal Injury /Auto Accidents (Thanksgiving through New Year’s)

  • More autos will be on the road traveling for the holidays or searching for that perfect present.
  • Trends tell us that there will be more car accidents, motorcycle accidents, etc from the increased holiday road warriors.

When things like this occur, people will be going to GOOGLE and Lawyers.comsearching for an Attorney. In addition, social media sites such as Facebook will be used by those that are looking to get a referral for these situations that occur.