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social-media-icons-300x290If you are a personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento, CA then please reach out to me in order to help you gain more clients on GoogleFacebookYahooBing, and many other areas on the web. This blog is to show the value of Social Media on the web. Please visit my website MediaSmack for more information that we can provide to help you appear much higher on Page 1 of Google for Personal Injury Attorneys in Sacramento or Personal Injury Lawyers in Roseville. Our contact number is 415-988-2070!


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Stryker Hip Replacement Lawyer

In June 2012, Stryker  initiated a voluntary recall of its Rejuvenate and ABG II modular-neck hip stems. While modular-neck hip stems provide surgeons with an option to correct certain aspects of a patient’s anatomy and hip biomechanics, we decided to voluntarily recall these modular-neck hip systems due to the potential for fretting and corrosion at the modular-neck junction which may result in ALTR (adverse local tissue reactions), as well as possible pain and/or swelling at or around the hip.

If you are are a Stryker Hip Replacement Lawyer and want to gain more of these clients, then please contact me immediately! You are missing placement onGoogleYahooBing, & Facebook. You may also want to speak to me about starting a BLOG for your firm in order to gain placement on these search engines.

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Aviation Attorney San Francisco / Aviation Attorney Oakland

Aviation Law in San Francisco & Aviation Law in Oakland are hot topics right now because of the crash of Asiana Flight 214 at SFO . This SFO crash was atragedy and there are many families that are going to need help sorting out what their legal rights are in these matters. When a victim is looking for an Aviation Lawyer in San Francisco or anywhere else in California they are going to be going to not only GOOGLE & BING  but also LAWYERS.COM! I can help you promote your firm anywhere on the internet where someone is looking for an attorney!

 If you are a personal Injury Attorney and are looking to help these victims fight the big Airline Industry, then please reach out to me!

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Do Paid Ads on Google Work?

You are probably like most people and cannot seem to figure out whether to spend the bulk of your budget on Paid Ads or PPC campaigns. What a law firm needs to think about what options you have in order to get to Page 1 on a GOOGLE results page. If your firm is not located in the PPC or Sponsored Ads, then your only option is to have an aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign for that particular search phrase. However, the problem with Search Engines such as Google is that the way search results are produced is always changing. SEO does not give any guarantees that your firm will be on Page 1 of Google for every type of phrase or search term that you want to be found under.


Paid Search is a budgetary item. GOOGLE has conducted extensive research to come up with the pricing for these ads for each keyword and for each geographic area you wish to promote your firm in. Think about it like this, Google makes 97% of its income from Paid Ads that are purchased. If they were not effective then people would simply not pay to be on Page 1 of Google. Now just think about what I said, Page 1 of GOOGLE. If you are wanting to gain more clients and make more money, then being in the top spot when someone is searching for your services is CRUCIAL!


Many times, a firm cannot wait 6-8 months for SEO to start taking effect. They need clients now! If they choose to spend a few thousand dollars per month to move up the ladder on a Google search, then after this long time period, they have less cash flow. Also, they have not gained any new clients in the time it took to gain this exclusive Page 1 real estate. Invest in Paid Ads that can be up and running immediately and working to gain a firm more clients NOW, instead of waiting to receive a return on investment so many months down the road!


It really is the “light switch” approach to expanding one’s firm and gaining more clients.


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Advertise on Google


If you are thinking about advertising your firm on GOOGLE or BING , then I recommend that you seek out a Legal Marketing Expert . It is best to have the knowledge and training from those that have actually been trained on campus at Google. There are too many other companies out there that claim to know how to produce results for online marketing. If you are a Personal Injury Attorney, Criminal Lawyer, DUI Lawyer, Family Lawyer, or Bankruptcy Lawyer in Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, Fairfield, or Napa, then please give me a call. Stop wasting your money!

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