Phoenix Law Firm Marketing

Welcome to the personal web space of Zach Thompson. He is a creative thinker, incredibly tenacious and passionate about the projects he is involved in, and an effective sales and marketing innovator. Zach Thompson’s background includes a combination of design and marketing management, and of creative and analytical skills which provides balanced, inspired, and logical solutions for his clients. He has an BA in Business Strategy.

Zach Thompson started his extensive career working with small businesses in Sacramento, California. There he helped firms develop their web presence when the internet was still young. This experience has long since continued to fuel his interest in creatively developing small businesses. Zach has vast experience working with law firms and marketing within the legal industry.

Zach then expanded his marketing efforts to the Phoenix and where he continues to develop successful marketing campaigns for his clients. If you are in need of a fresh perspective of your current marketing goals then please contact Zach Thompson at (415) 988-2070 or [email protected] to set up an appointment.